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Let me share a story with you.

While attending a workshop at a local technology training center, an attendee mentioned she participated in her employer’s retirement plan, but she simply slipped her statements into her desk drawer unopened because she did not understand the retirement plan.

Unfortunately, I hear this statement repeatedly, “I participate but I really do not know what I am doing.”

Why should a business offer a financial education workshop to their employees

  • When employees have a better understanding and feel confident about their financial abilities and their financial well-being, they are better employees which ultimately drives to the bottom line.
  • Financial education workshops provided at the workplace help the company meet fiduciary requirements.

  • These workshops are non-solicitous. I believe employers in Oklahoma truly want to take care of their employees and I feel financial education can be an important segment. Financial education helps the employee’s personal life and their performance at work.

I am available to discuss in more detail the actual workshop and how this education can be customized to incorporate your company’s benefit package into the training.

As many as 80 - 90%* of women will be solely responsible for managing their own money at some time in their life.

I believe women want true financial independence. But what does this look like and how does a woman go about building her "house of financial security?"

I believe I can help and I would be honored to be your financial professional of choice.

*Wojnar, K. and Meek, C. "Women's View of Wealth and the Planning Process," Advisor Perspectives, March 1, 2011.

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