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Introducing For Women By Women

Introducing For Women By Women

June 23, 2021
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As I have shared with you before, I focus on helping women build their house of financial security. That does not say I do not work with men, I do have men clients; however, most of my clients are women.

There are a few reasons why financial security tends to affect women the most.  On average, women live longer than their spouse or partner.  Women usually are not in the workforce as long as men; they take time away from work to have and raise children, and women are usually the first to give up their time to take care of a family member when needed. These are just a few of the reasons, and I am sure there are more, probably some very personal reasons.

I like helping women who suddenly find themselves alone.  Alone due to divorce, losing a loved one, or single and suddenly retired and need someone to help them build the confidence they need to make sound financial decisions.

Part of the reason why I have a passion for helping women is because I have been in their shoes – I have been divorced, a single mom, a mom in a blended family, a professional balancing home life and career life, and now I am a widow.

I choose to listen, and not judge, to care, and to have their best interest in my heart and mind as we work together.

In saying all of this, I want to share with you a new branding for my financial services business. Our working together relationship will not change.  You and I probably know women who would prefer working with, and talking with a woman about their financial situation and the rebranding is to send a truly clear message that I help women. In doing this, I have changed my website to:

My new brand is For Women, By Women.

You will notice my email address has changed to: My old email is still active in case of communication that is still being sent there. You might also see communications in the future from my brand under

I am licensed to provide investment solutions, and protection strategies that will provide the means to build a plan. The journey begins with a conversation seeking to understand goals, and fears so that women can address these needs head on to achieve their dreams, and goals.

If you would like to talk about your personal situation, or if you know of a woman who needs a Financial Consultant, please feel free to share my message.