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Why For Women By Women

My purpose is to provide communication and collaboration so that women can gain the confidence they need to make decisions to build their house of financial security.


  • The process by which information is exchanged.
  • The giving, receiving, and exchanging ideas, information, and emotions.


  • The process of two or more working together to achieve a goal
  • Access to more resources
  • Beneficial long-term relationships


  • The quality of being certain that you can handle the emotional outcome of whatever you face
  • Building your house of financial security
Client Centered

Our goal is to empower women – in all stages of their lives, to be able to make the financial decisions which are best for their financial well-being and to be able to say “no” when their financial independence could be jeopardized.  We will achieve this goal by providing education, resources and a community for women to gain knowledge that allows them to make sound financial decisions for the now, and for the unforeseen of tomorrow

Meet Carol

Carol L. Hager ChFC®, CLU®, CDFA™

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I am passionate about educating women on the importance of financial planning and helping them get on a path to reach their financial goals, regardless of the life stage in which they find themselves. I want women to understand and...

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Although women are proven problem solvers, driven to do many things, and highly resourceful, we tend to lack confidence when it comes to our money in areas of investing, saving, or protecting our financial well-being.  We often fail to take the time to discuss and develop a plan of action to secure our financial future. Then if a woman finds herself suddenly alone due to divorce, losing a loved one, or is single and suddenly retired, these issues compound the feelings of confusion and being overwhelmed. 

The amount of information about financial services and products can be overwhelming, but planning for your financial independence does not have to be confusing. 

In our conversations, all is confidential and private.  

My compensation depends upon the services I provide and may include fees and/or commissions.  Products and services could include: Financial Planning, Annuities, Life Insurance, Wealth Management, Investment Accounts, IRAs, 401 (K) Rollovers and Long-Term Care.

But these are just products and services.  The real purpose to to provide a solution for you, to address your fears, to educate for understanding, and to help you gain confidence in your financial decisions.

Put me on your calendar to review your current situation.

Fee-based financial planning offered exclusively through Hornor, Townsend, & Kent, LLC. 

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